Catz 'n Dogz - Wave feat. Zensofly & Maxville [PETS104]

w/ Justin Martin & Theus Mago Remixes

release date: 28.06.2019

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-19 at 17.45.40.jpeg

“There are too many waves out there to ride someone else’s. Stay true to yourself and find your way…”

The positive connections continue as Catz ‘n Dogz update their Music Manifesto with the latest single from their well-received fourth album ‘Friendship’. Originally penned by aforementioned rising Raleigh artist ZenSoFly and her producer-in-crime Maxville, then developed with Catz ‘n Dogz, Zen’s lyrics will resonate deeply with every genuine creative bone in all of our body while the Pets bossmen whip up a jittering, bumpy, horn-poked groove that nods at the old Classic Music sound. The message is clear: make your own wave, be true to what you want to do and don’t put other people’s waves down… MORE